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Taking the builder to court.

Many of us who have purchased properties in Spain have been let down, lied too, and fraudulently ripped off buy builders, solicitors & estate agents. Now if this has happened to you and you don’t take action then the cancer … Continue reading

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Spanish public health system excludes the unemployed.

If you are unemployed in Spain and 90 days have passed since you received the last unemployment payment you were entitled, then you also loose the right to free public health assistance. The public health system although it is financed … Continue reading

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Museo de la Muralla, Orihuela.

Over the last few years My children and I have really enjoyed the “Wall museum”(Museo del Muralla) in Orihuela. It is situated in the basement of the University just by the School of lawyers in the centre of the town. … Continue reading

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Interview with the planning councilor of Orihuela.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with the planning councilor (El Concejal de Urbanizmo de Orihuela Antonio Zapata Beltrán) under the new administration in the Orihuela town hall. I was accompanied with two property owners who have homes that … Continue reading

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The cheapest funeral plan.

There are many funeral plans from around 4,000€ for a simple next day cremation or the transportation of your remains to the U.K. for about 11,000€. There is a plan that is little publicized because it is a plan that … Continue reading

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