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Non Residence Tax.

NON RESIDENT TAX RETURNS – if you are a non-resident of Spain then it is that time of year to pay a small tax return by the 31st December for any property owned in the year last year. If you … Continue reading

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Non Residence tax to be paid before the 31st of December.

This is a repeat post. There has been a lot of publicity and questions about the tax upon owners of homes who do not live in Spain. There is some confusion as to weather this tax is included in the … Continue reading

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Orihuela town hall to deal with illegal properties that evade paying taxes.

This article was published in the Information news paper and on the Orihuela town hall web site on the 25th  & 30th of may 2012. The town planning councillor of Orihuela, Antonio Zapata, presented the first of the measures within … Continue reading

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