The cheapest funeral plan.

There are many funeral plans from around 4,000€ for a simple next day cremation or the transportation of your remains to the U.K. for about 11,000€. There is a plan that is little publicized because it is a plan that does not does the pocket of those that wish to make a profit out of those who want to make life as easy as possible for loved ones when their own life comes to an end.

I am a religious person and I try to make my Christianity as practical as possible. I think this is one way of being practical in helping others. My body will help doctors, dentists and other health professionals such as nurses and physiotherapists advance in there understanding of the functions of the human body & it will help cut the expense created around the funeral business. I have been struggling with the idea that my body will be used  for medical studies after I am dead if I donate it to science, but the other options are being eaten by bacteria and worms or my flesh being consumed by the flames. Not such a big deal when I believe that I will no longer need my body & I will not be here.

All throughout the studies the deceased persons body is treated with upmost respect and once the studies have come to their end the body will be cremated and the family will be given the option of having the ashes returned.

Besides being used to teach medical students and others in the medical profession, the bodies donated to medical schools are also used for medical research in the development of new surgical procedures, such as arthroscopic surgery to develop new, plastic surgery procedures including reconstruction of skin for burn victims, surgical approaches to various internal organs, and many other procedures

Recently I have been in contact with the Spanish Anatomical Society of Alicante and they have informed me that there is a great demand for bodies to be used in the advancement of medical knowledge. The process of donation is very simple and free. The S.A.S.O.A. has arrangement with funeral directors to collect the deceased person and transport them free of charge to the university and once the research has been completed they with also proceed to cremate the remains free of charge.

To start the process you will need to receive and fill in a form that will be sent to you and it is best to have someone very close to you witness it. Once the form is returned to the society they will send you a card that you should keep on your person.

There is a 24 hour phone number to be able to contact the society at any time.

A important consideration is that your desire to donate your body needs to be communicated and family members need to be informed so that after your death there is not place for misunderstanding and other arrangements made.

The only condition is that you do not HIV positive of have hepatitis in which there could be a danger of infection. This  service is available in most if not all of the provinces of  Spain. You should contact any medical university facility in your country for there conditions if you live outside Spain.

For more information please contact me.

About Patrick Vine

I am a Englishman living and working in Spain as a property consultant dealing with the technical and legal aspects faceing the expat communities living in the south Alicante & north Murcia areas. I am married to a wonderfull Spanish girl called Inés and have 3 children. Jessica, Rubén & Joshua.
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