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OMIC, The Spanish Ombudsman.

In the town hall of most towns you will find a Ombudsman. The office or post where he is situated is called the Municipal Office of Consumer Information (OMIC). They are independent legal councilors in each municipality and have the … Continue reading

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Interview with the planning councilor of Orihuela.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with the planning councilor (El Concejal de Urbanizmo de Orihuela Antonio Zapata Beltrán) under the new administration in the Orihuela town hall. I was accompanied with two property owners who have homes that … Continue reading

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Take your Solicitor (Abogado) to court.

Unfortunately many are suffering the consequence of bad administration on behalf of a solicitor that has been paid do a certain job, but it has not been done properly or the correct information was not given at a crucial time … Continue reading

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A recent visit with the planning councillor of Orihuela Town Hall.

Just over a month ago I visited the planning councilor of the Orihuela town hall (El Concejal de Urbanizmo de Orihuela Antonio Rodrigez Barbera) because I was concerned for the owners of a group of houses that were illegally built and the residents were … Continue reading

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How to get free legal assistance at the law courts of Orihuela.

So far I have been able to get some information about how to attain free legal assistance from the school of lawyers in Orihuela. If you have taken the step of  reporting the crime or case to the police or at the law … Continue reading

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