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Orihuela town hall to deal with illegal properties that evade paying taxes.

This article was published in the Information news paper and on the Orihuela town hall web site on the 25th  & 30th of may 2012. The town planning councillor of Orihuela, Antonio Zapata, presented the first of the measures within … Continue reading

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Electricity Supply

When you purchase a new property inSpain it is the responsibility of the builder to supply the electricity connections and water connection. If the property is a resale then the service connections should under normal conditions still be connected and … Continue reading

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A new certificate required for altering your deeds.

Just over recent months there has been a change in the procedure to the adjustment of title deeds. If you own a property in the country side and what is reflected in the deeds is not actually what you have … Continue reading

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Recent publication by the planning councellors of Orihuela.

This is a translation of a publication by the Orihuela planning department on the 28/10/2011. Councilors of  Project Planning and Urban Development, Antonia Moreno and Antonio Zapata, respectively, announced today that the Department of Planning has given approval to Reorganization Plan … Continue reading

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Interview with the planning councilor of Orihuela.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with the planning councilor (El Concejal de Urbanizmo de Orihuela Antonio Zapata Beltrán) under the new administration in the Orihuela town hall. I was accompanied with two property owners who have homes that … Continue reading

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Take your Solicitor (Abogado) to court.

Unfortunately many are suffering the consequence of bad administration on behalf of a solicitor that has been paid do a certain job, but it has not been done properly or the correct information was not given at a crucial time … Continue reading

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How to adjust your deeds (escritura) to include extensions, pools etc.

The reason you may be advised to have extensions, pools, out houses & garages written into your deeds are because if you wish to sell your property the solicitors dealing with the purchacers can require that this is done before a sale … Continue reading

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