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Exporting your Spanish car to the U.K.

A number of my clients have gone back to the U.K. and northern Europe and then sold their Spanish cars and or had them registered with U.K. plates. Then, to the surprise of all (or not) a road tax bill … Continue reading

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British driving licence and Residence in Spain

There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice about if you need to change your U.K. driving licence for a Spanish Licence. If you are not a resident in Spain you do not need to change your driving licence … Continue reading

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Interview with the planning councillor of Orihuela.

I had the opportunity to meet with Antonio Zapata (PSPV-PSOE) with a couple of concerned property owners this last week with the purpose of clarifying some of the rumours from diverse sources. In previous official statements & publications by the … Continue reading

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