Services Provided

Services Provided.

1. Translations of any type:- 

Medical translations since 1982 and legal translations since 1997.


Police reports & denuncias.



Community of property owners.

Legal aid.

Planning departments

Town halls etc….

2. Legalisation of Properties.

Rates/catastro registration.

Habitation certificates.


Deed adjustments.

Building Licence.

Dealing with issues regarding the Town halls & planning departments.

Deed interpretation.

Energy Proformance certificates.

3. Fiscal Representation.

Non resident tax presentation.

Dealing with debt with regard to the tax and rates office.

4. Utility connections.





Mobile phones.


Solar Power.

5. Funeral Service.

Emergency funeral assistance. (Service, flowers, taking service etc,).

Arranging donation of remains to science.

Funeral plans.

6. Official paperwork.

N.I.E. For European & Non Europeans.

Residency certificates.

Medical cards (SIP).

Social security registration.

Vida Laboral.

Fiscal Residency.


2 Responses to Services Provided

  1. jacci says:

    My husband and i have both just lost our jobs here in spain and we have a mortgage. I am told that if you are made unemployed that the banks are obliged to give you some time free of morgage psyments which of course would be added to the end of the mortgage. Do you have any information on this, or advice on where i can get the information?

    kind regards


    • Patrick Vine says:

      Dear Jacci,
      Im not too sure how to respond to that question, could you let me know which bank you belong to. Each bank has some different policey with regard to late payment s on mortgages. the best thing is to make a apointment with the manager and see if you can come to an agreement. Its quite important that you do this as soon as you can because the intrest can mount up to quite a large sum in no time at all.

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