Interview with the planning councillor of Orihuela.

Planning Councellor not able to give consice direction with regard to the steps to be taken in the regularization of ilegal properties.

I had the opportunity to meet with Antonio Zapata (PSPV-PSOE) with a couple of concerned property owners this last week with the purpose of clarifying some of the rumours from diverse sources. In previous official statements & publications by the planning departments intention to regularize illegal homes in the municipality (PRV) has been initiated with initially the contracting of a company to take aerial photos to see any differences since the last flyover in 2009. The fly over will bring to light any property that is not paying rates, properties that have been extended, had pools added etc which have not been registered with the rates office.

Antonio Zapata told us that in the case where there are groups of illegally built properties it was possible to contract an architect to prepare plans to indicate the changes needed to regularize the properties; pavements, changes in electrical instillations, connection to sewerage mains etc. Once the plans have been produced then the cost can be calculated to bring the infrastructure for group of properties up to the standard which will merit regularization. The regularization is for properties that are outside the general plan (PGOU) these properties have been built without the proper planning permissions and deemed illegal resulting in many difficulties for the property owners such as difficulty in getting proper supply of electricity and water also difficulty in reselling said properties. All the costs involved in regularization will have to be paid by the property owners and it is up to those who want the property regularized to initiate this process.

There was very little information that Antonio could give us because the project is still at its very early stages. He told us that he could not give any assurance that the regularization would be accepted by the Valencian Communities planning departments although they have had their backing up until now.

As of yet this information has not been publicized on the OrihuelaTown hall web site neither has it been commented on in the local press. Antonio’s comment was that this move is at a very early stage of development. Since the last publication concerning this issue the office designated to deal with the publics questions about these issues of regularization has not opened its doors as of yet. Although the time for the head of planning to deal directly with the pubic in person is between 8.30am and 10.30am, getting  appointment to discuss these issues is unlikely because there has not been any changes to comment about in resent months.

There is also the issue of the political stability of the current party at the town hall. Because of the lack of a majority vote and the instability of the coalition party there is the possibility that in the near future the existing party will be replaced and then these current issues will be re-assessed according to the new administrations criteria. Because there is no rules dictating on how to legalize properties there is the risk that some expensive steps can be taken only for these “advances” to be of no validity under a new political administration. Perhaps it would be better to wait until there is a bit more clarity with official publication about appropriate steps to be taken.

About Patrick Vine

I am a Englishman living and working in Spain as a property consultant dealing with the technical and legal aspects faceing the expat communities living in the south Alicante & north Murcia areas. I am married to a wonderfull Spanish girl called Inés and have 3 children. Jessica, Rubén & Joshua.
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3 Responses to Interview with the planning councillor of Orihuela.

  1. Alan Ward says:

    Im not suer what to think about this, is this good or bad?

    • Patrick Vine says:

      Hi Alan,
      It doesnt mean any thing at the moment, its not good at a definite atction can be taken, you may be aware that all moves forward are closely scrutinised by the Valencian Genaralitat and because of the political incompatability between the two parties any move is not easy. The green arty no longer having the majority does not make it easy either. They could be out at any time in the near future. It seems as if the Valencian Genaralitat is interested in the regularisation of illegal builds but its not a good thing to make large investmentd at the moment untill there is some stability and official comment from the town hall which as if yet is not fourth comming. There are some people in your area that have been advised by there solicitor to push forward at great cost dispite the insecurities surrounding this suggestion but I would hold on myself because it could mean spending a large amount of money on architects reports etc then it all falling thorough due to a change in government before the suggested move gets a chance to be approved first by the local town hall then most importantly by the Valencian Genaralitat.

      • grakend123 says:

        I was one of the people who accompanied Patrick to the Town Hall. Our site has already had the architects around and as usual had to pay out at the “orders” of solicitors.
        We are told that the town hall also instructed us to form a Comunidad, even though there are no common elements. This was denied by Sr. Zapata at the meeting who said that those things are not the responsibility of the town hall. He also said that nobody can be forced to do anything regarding legalisation.

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