Assistance for victims of Domestic Violence.

Steps to be taken if you are a victim of domestic Violence.

If you are a victim of domestic violence here in Spain do not dispair there is help for you and the Spanish government are keen to help and support you if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation. Many expat women are totally dependant on their partners & feel that they would be left homeless and without financial support if they took action to report the crime. This is not the case. below are some steps you can take to bring resolve to your situation.

  1. Report the crime to the Guardia civil. They will arrest the criminal and you will go to the hospital to be checked over for the injuries you have suffered.
  2. You will be asked to make a statement at the court, you will be given all the legal assistance & support you need.
  3. The judge will pronounce an order of distance so that the criminal can not come near you or your home.

The next steps will help you obtain a payment from the social security system .

You will need to get a N.I.E. number and Residencia. Hopefully you already have those documents. You may not be inscribed in the social security if you have been dependant on the offending party. You will need to first go to the town hall and get a certificate of convivencia and a pardon. Take that to the social security office to obtain your social security number. You will also need to get a tax declaration certificate at the tax office even if you have never paid any tax. Take these documents to the employment office and sign on as a victim of domestic violence. Then you will need to make an appointment with the payments department. This can be done by ringing calling 901119999, you will need to give your post code and your N.I.E number. You will be told the place and time of the appointment. You must take all your documents to the payments office and also fill in the form they will give you. You must take your bank details, court order, and all the mentioned papers plus photo copies of everything.

It is possible that you will be given a payment of 400€ a month for 11 months. You must return to the employment office every 3 months to sign on. After the 11 months has passed you can renew the payment for another 11 month and then another 11.

This is a small amount but it is at least a help.

unfortunately all of these administration offices are Spanish-speaking and it is unlikely that you well find English-speaking attendants. You will need a translator for most of the process.

About Patrick Vine

I am a Englishman living and working in Spain as a property consultant dealing with the technical and legal aspects faceing the expat communities living in the south Alicante & north Murcia areas. I am married to a wonderfull Spanish girl called Inés and have 3 children. Jessica, Rubén & Joshua.
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