A recent visit with the planning councillor of Orihuela Town Hall.

Great view.

Good news from Orihuela town hall.

Just over a month ago I visited the planning councilor of the Orihuela town hall (El Concejal de Urbanizmo de Orihuela Antonio Rodrigez Barbera) because I was concerned for the owners of a group of houses that were illegally built and the residents were trying to do everything possible to have their situation regularized. When I asked him what steps should be taken to make the properties acceptable to be included in the future planning for development for the area (this is quite important for properties to be included as it gives the properties a legal status and they have the right to be connected to the normal services such as electricity, mains water supply etc.
I was wanted to know if such things as the path should be made into a proper road with pavements, if the residents should invest in European standard septic tanks, or if any other step should be taken to improve the estate to make it acceptable to the town hall for the time of the new plan to develop the area. There is much speculation as to what is needed to be done in such situations and much advise is given without basis and people can make investments into improvements on their properties in the hope that it will improve their chances of getting legalized only to find that such investments are of no value or even worse, they have to be removed.
The councilor was not too sure as to how to answer my questions so asked me to come back in a month so he could gather the appropriate information to give me concise answers.

The following month I asked the president of the property owners to join me so that he also could pose questions and be informed.
The planning councilor informed us that it was best to do nothing at this time as the general plan for the area was being worked on and was in the first stages.
The stages were as follows:-
1. The municipality is viewed and a plan is produced that deals with future development of the towns, industrial areas, villages and estates. There are many facets to this planning and environmental impact has a great bearing in all of the proposals. This part of the process is nearing its completion.
2. The plan is published so that the general public can view what is proposed and make proposals for changes. If a road is to go through your garden you can oppose the idea etc.
3. The objections are considered and changes are made to the plans. Then the plan is provisionally approved.
4. The plan is submitted to Valencia for final approval of the Valencian Planning department. There are strict guidelines that have been put in place to avoid over exploitation of the Valencian community. The planning department investigates the proposals for conformity to the guidelines.
This whole process can take 5 years or more, then the works can begin.

Where groups of houses have been built illegally these properties also will be considered. As it had been suggested that owners should install EU approved septic tanks but the councilor told us that the most probable case is that these properties will be required to be connected to the closest sewerage system at the cost of the residents. The properties would possibly have to be connected to the mains water supply as well but was not suggesting anything should be done until the plan was published then considered what should be done. All though out the conversation the councilor expressed the desire of the town hall to regularize these properties and although it was a difficult situation there was good will on behalf of the town hall and that the planning department of the Orihuela town hall would seek the solution for the regularization of these properties.

If you have an illegally built property in this area and would like to find out more information as to how to regularize the situation please contact me on patrickvine63@hotmail.com or ring me on 617354758 or you can visit my web site at www.inlandproperties-spain.com

About Patrick Vine

I am a Englishman living and working in Spain as a property consultant dealing with the technical and legal aspects faceing the expat communities living in the south Alicante & north Murcia areas. I am married to a wonderfull Spanish girl called Inés and have 3 children. Jessica, Rubén & Joshua.
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4 Responses to A recent visit with the planning councillor of Orihuela Town Hall.

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  2. Nicky F says:

    This is fantastic information, there has been so much bitching with the other residence that it is making me sick. Can I make a apointment to see the coulncellor as well?

    • patrickvine63 says:

      I have will ask for a apointment for you and let you know when they can see you. I think I have your number.

  3. Patrick Vine says:

    I have recently been asked again about the issue of having septic tanks installed in properties. A few people have been told that this will help them in obtaining legal status with the town hall in the new proposed plan for the area. According to Antonio Rodriguez Barbera the head of the planning department this is an error to think that such additions will help. The planning department will publish what is needed to be added to the properties for them to be included in the general plan for the area once the technical department has finished working on this plan. It could be an expensive addition if then the planning department decide you have to be connected to the main sewerage system.

    I think these septic tanks are great but it is best to be patient and wait to see what the planning department decides.
    Perhaps the companies and commission hungry agents selling these products are propagating some unfounded statements to get some extra money in.

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